Packard Place visitor parking has changed. We no longer have designated “Visitor Parking” spots 1-9.

Now, M-F between 8:00am and 5:30pm, our guests may park in ANY spot on the narrow surface lot -

immediately following the Packard Place building – right next to Picasso’s.

(IMPORTANT TO NOTE: After 5:30pm, this side lot is only for Picasso’s customers!)

Visitor must get daily visitor parking code from “front desk” of the Garage at Packard Place – or get code from your host, in advance.

Then follow these instructions for the Preferred Parking pay station located at the corner of S. Church and 3rd Streets.

1.       Press OK to begin.  Then enter your space number.
2.       When it asks for a coupon, enter yes and then the code.

Please note we are unable to take care of any parking tickets or cover guest parking in any other lots.

Frequent guests and event attendees are not considered “visitors” and are expected to cover their own parking.

Thank you for your cooperation!

During regular business hours, one can use street parking with meters – until 4:00pm – or one of the many other parking lots/decks uptown.

In general, the surface lots are much cheaper than parking decks.

Please see below for alternative parking options.

(These details/rates are subject to change.)

AutoPark – 206 S Church St

$135/monthly Non-reserved spot $175/monthly Reserved spot Call 704-377-3713 for more details.

Spectrum Properties – Garage across from Packard Place

$4/half hour $18 daily maximum Call 704-358-1000 for monthly leasing options.

Preferred Parking Available Lots

Contact Preferred Parking via for monthly leasing inquiries.

224 W 3rd St. – $5.00 daily

123 S Church St. - $129.00 per month

123 S Church St. – Level 2: $139.00 per month

225 S Mint St. - $79.00 per month

311 W 4th St. – $90.00 per month

208 S Poplar St. – $90.00 per month / $5.00 daily

124 S Poplar St. – $99.00 per month / $6.00 daily